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Your participation is kindly requested for an
evening of utterly unique character to benefit
the Charles River Public Internet Center.

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Monday, June 15, 2015 6-10 PM

Boston Tennis & Racquet Club

939 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02115

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If you are unable to attend, please consider making a tax
deductible gift to support our work.

$1-99: Contributor

$100-$499: Friend

$500-$999: Sponsor

$1,000 and over: Patron


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Our event will revolve around three topics, two familiar and one far more obscure.  The familiar concepts are the impact of the Internet and social networking on modern society, and the nature today’s technology-driven financial markets.

The lesser known subject is the sport of court tennis.  Also known as “real” or “royal”, court tennis is the medieval form of tennis played by devotees such as King Henry the 8th of England.   It is by far the oldest sport still enjoyed today with a well-documented history spanning over 10 centuries, in which court tennis had an amazing influence on events from the Hundred Years War, the French Revolution, and development of algorithmic trading in the stock market.

In recent years, the sport has enjoyed a resurgence of participation (even the construction of new courts), as the Internet has drawn together thousands of players at clubs around the world into the archetype of a cohesive social network. Technology allows instantaneous global updating of player handicaps, YouTube carries live streaming video of tournament play, and smartphone apps assist with the arcane scoring system.  What is old is new again!

Our evening will consist of two interwoven tracks.  The first is court tennis play of the highest caliber known to have been assembled for a private event.  Among our players will be reigning World Champion Robert Fahey of Australia, and the World #1 Player by Point Rank Camden Riviere of the United States, and Women’s World Champion Claire Fahey of the United Kingdom.  Opportunities to see world class athletes are rare and the chance to do so in intimate setting of our private event is truly unique.

Between the athletic exhibitions will be a series of short lectures in the style of the French salons.  These lectures will detail how court tennis, Internet technology, and financial markets are linked in a rich chronology of mutual advance and contribution.  Our cast of “storytellers” will be comprised of several prominent individuals from academia, government, and technology who will enrich and inspire us with narratives of how such present day phenomena as the virtual currency Bitcoin has its roots in an 18th century monarchy whose favorite pastime was, of course, court tennis.

The evening’s program will be complemented by a carefully curated array of fine food and wine.  Even a selection of cocktails made exclusively with ingredients drawn from across the centuries has been specially created for this event.

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