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IBM and United Way Make Good Things Happen!

Posted by crpic on October 18, 2011

Community Care Day Volunteers

September 15th was a great day for CRPIC! Thirteen wonderful volunteers from IBM joined forces on United Way’s Community Care Day to help CRPIC get ready for the fall semester of the SkillStep Program.  IBMers completed two huge projects: prepping labs and preparing materials for all of the SkillStep classes and painting the break room and bathrooms. They were able to accomplish in one day what it would have taken us days if not weeks to do. All of their very capable and good-natured manpower made very short work of big tasks. And, of course, they had a couple of great ideas for managing our program work on our networks that they shared as well. We can’t thank you enough for all of the great work you did – we very much appreciate all of the planning, considerable elbow grease, and humor you brought to the project as well as the wonderful results. Many, many heartfelt thanks and we hope to partner with you again next fall! Many thanks to the tireless crew at United Way as well for planning this important event for nonprofits every year!


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