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2010 Tech Buddies of the Year

Posted by crpic on December 12, 2010

Ethan Webster-Zinn

Ethan Webster-Zinn (14, Fessenden School) is one of our Tech Buddies of the Year for several reasons. First, unless he is away at summer camp, he typically volunteers 3 or more hours every week – that’s real committment! Second, he has become one of our best lab techs – he’s able to take down and set-up labs quickly, accurately, and dependably. Computers get moved between labs as needed, re-installed, and the hardware and software thoroughly checked – that’s serious work! Third, although he was a little apprehensive about working with our adult ESOL/technology students, he overcame his nervousness and began tutoring. He now says he especially loves helping people get their first email address and watching their amazement as they see their first sent email pop up in his inbox on his computer screen. “The world instantly gets bigger and more connected for them – in a second!”, says Ethan. Congratulations Ethan, and thank you for all you have done for CRPIC, not only this year, but for the three years you have volunteered here!


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