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Bilingual Tutoring Up and Running!

Posted by crpic on June 23, 2009

Members of the Spanish Intro to Computers tutoring group with their tutor, Arturo Aldama
Members of the Spanish Intro to Computers tutoring group with their tutor, Arturo Aldama

 This summer, CRPIC is fulfilling a longtime goal of making free bilingual tutoring available to the community. We are collaborating with the WATCH CDC to provide computer tutoring in Spanish to several of their English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL ) students. We originally envisioned our tutor, Arturo Aldama, working one-on-one with students. But the first evening he was here, no less than seven of WATCH’s students arrived together for what they hoped would become a regular class. Calmly taking it all in stride, Arturo generously volunteered to tutor the whole group and to follow the syllabus for our Introduction to Computers and Internet (ICI 101) class.  The group, which has grown to 10 students, gets tutored here at CRPIC every Tuesday evening for two hours. Most of them attend the WATCH ESOL classes together on Monday and Wednesday evenings and agree that being in both the class and tutoring group is helping them build English and computer skills more quickly. Arturo speaks Spanish in the tutoring sessions, but the students use English software and handouts – they specifically requested it to improve their English. In a few weeks time they will also have become much more computer literate.  Stay tuned – this is the “before” photo – we’ll be giving an update on the group’s progress in a few weeks and post a new photo of the whole group.

Arturo also tutors students on a one-on-one basis on Monday and Wednesday evenings. He has a dedicated following, but if you are interested in making an appointment, please call the Front Desk at 781-891-9559, x 206. If you would like to become a bilingual tutor, please call the same number and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.



One Response to “Bilingual Tutoring Up and Running!”

  1. John said

    This is phenomenal, great work! Keep us posted on how everyone is doing!

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