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A Round of Applause for the Web Guys!

Posted by crpic on June 15, 2009

Brian Cusick - Our Tireless, Talented, and Really Nice Web Guy

Brian Cusick - Our Tireless, Talented, and Really Nice Web Guy

All of us here at CRPIC want to thank Brian Cusick (left) and Zach Field (who went on vacation before we could snap his picture) for all of the wonderful work they did on our new website.  Many, many thanks for helping us build a more user-friendly, informative, and up-to-date site.  Our best guess is we have logged close to 100 hours, in a very iterative process, on design, architecture, photos, text, and links  to get to this point.  And we aren’t done yet!  It has been a great learning experience for all of us and we hope that you, the public, will find this site both more helpful and more fun.

So, what’s new?

Well, we have a great new design and a lot more navigational and tracking tools, but the things we think you might like best are:

* You can now make a donation to CRPIC, just by visiting the site.
* You can register at the site and automatically get RSS feeds/updates
* You can become a friend of the Charles River Public Internet Center on
    Facebook and share the good news about us and our new website.   If you
    don’t “do” Facebook, you can connect with us and others using LinkedIn,
    Twitter, and several other sites.
* You can print and email the enrollment form for our Summer 2009 classes
    to our Educational Coordinator.  Our goal is by Fall 2009, you will be able
    to completely register online.
We are still fine-tuning and adding to the the site, so register today, leave us a comment, refer us to your friends, and keep checking back more even more improvements.  Better yet, register and get the RSS updates automatically. 
And please, join us in thanking Brian and Zach from the Bentley Service Learning Center for all of their terrific work!

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